• addHow much is entry?

    Entry is £3 for adults and children over the age of 18 months when purchased on the day and £3 when booking online at least 24hrs in advance.

  • addWhat is the admission policy and must children be accompanied?

    The Spring Festival is a child friendly attraction and adult only groups may not be admitted before 5pm. All children (under 16) must be supervised by a responsible adult. Under no circumstances are cameras or video cameras allowed inside The Spring Festival.

  • addAre there any concessions for Carers?

    If you are a carer for a person with access needs, you will be required to provide evidence of this on arrival and you will be offered free entry. Please note that all persons with access needs will still require a standard ticket for entry which can be purchased online or on the door.

  • addIf I book my tickets online, will I need to queue to get in?

    Yes, you will still need to queue on arrival. All visitors will be admitted on a first come first served basis at a slow pace to avoid congestion inside the venue. Please note that other members of your party cannot queue on your behalf.

  • addAm I guaranteed entry?

    If you book your admission online before you visit, you will be guaranteed entry. There are a small number of tickets available on the day, however, we advise you to arrive as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • addCan I leave the venue & come back in again?

    Yes, you can. There is a one-way in and a one-way out policy at the venue to maintain correct social distancing and capacity control. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you chose to leave you will be counted out. If you wish to re-enter you will have to re-join the queue and be counted back into the venue.

  • addHow long is entry vaild for?

    Entry is vaild for the whole day

  • addWhere are we located?

    We are located at Brent Cross shopping centre, Hendon, London NW4 3FP

  • addCan I take photos/videos?

    You are able to take photos of your family with low-res hand held devices, smartphones etc, but not of other families. Visitors are not permitted to bring any other photography, high-res or long lens cameras or video equipment into the event under any circumstances. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • addHow much is each token?

    Tokens can be bought individually for £1.20 inside the festival or if purchased online at least 24hrs in advance, you can buy 25 tokens for £20.

  • addHow much are the rides?

    Rides range from 2-5 tokens. Children/Family rides are predominantly 2-3 tokens while the more extreme adult rides will be slightly more tokens.

  • addWhat are the tokens bought online for?

    Tokens that are bought online via our website are for the purpose of the rides only.

  • addAre the tokens just for the rides?

    Tokens bought on the day (for £1.20 each) can be used on rides, food and games.

  • addDo you offer refunds if we don’t use all our tokens?

    Unfortunatly we don’t offer refunds on tokens, however they are always vaild. We welcome people to take our tokens home and come back to use them another day.

  • addWhat age restrictions are the rides?

    Our rides are restricted by height regulations, we always recommend customers to walk around and check height restrictions before purchasing the tokens for a particular ride.

  • addWhat if it rains or we experience bad weather?

    We always consider public safety first and therefore will only open if weather conditions are right and not dangerous.

  • addHow will I know if the spring festival is closed?

    Although we rarely close early or close for the whole day, we do advise all customers to check our website or social media pages to confirm that we will be open.

  • addIs entry included in the online token price?

    Unfortunatly not, entry must be purchased in addition to any tokens.

  • addCan I use my card to pay for tokens and entry?

    Yes, we accept most credit and debit cards and you can use contactless payments at many places around the park.

  • addWhat security measures do you have in place?

    We have a team of fully trained SIA certified security staff on site at all times. We conduct bag searches, so please be prepared for this. You may also be asked to open bottles of liquid for inspection. We will also be performing pat-downs and body searches (by female staff where appropriate) if we feel it necessary and have handheld metal detectors.

  • addWhat cards do you accept?

    We accept all cards apart from american express.

  • addCan we buy food inside?

    We have a wide range of food and drinks available

  • addCan we bring our own food?

    Yes we welcome picnics or food from the shopping centre, however please be advised that we can not permit any glassware, knifes or alcohol.

Opening Times 4th April - 10th May