Spinning Coaster

Unlike a traditional roller coaster, our Spinning Coaster oscillates as you travel around the track. It is time to get dizzy.


Get ready for spins, drops, bumps and some super-fast twists and turns!!!


Lots of stomach turning, jaw dropping, high pitch screaming...fun!


Let us entertain you!


5 tokens per person

Rules & Restrictions
  • Height Restriction - Min 1.2m
  • This ride is not suitable for persons with any medical condition, this includes but is not limited to: heart/neck/back problems, head injuries, blood pressure, motion sickness, panic attacks or anxiety, epilepsy, pregnant ladies.
  • If in doubt, do not ride
  • Loose or valuable items MUST NOT be taken on this ride under any circumstances, in particular mobile phones or other hand held devices. Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damages.
Opening Times 4th April - 10th May

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